Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Holy and Holly Days!

As this year ends, my 91-year old dad and my 89-year old mom are completing the move to their “retirement” home, the home of my baby sister, Karen. I've spent the year running (okay, driving) back and forth to DeRidder to help in all the preparations, and now can see the address change at the end of the tunnel! I know they will enjoy living at their youngest daughter's home and being under her care!

So now it is time to re-turn my attention to classes and workshops in my home studio. I want to begin in January, the best beginning for a new, good year. Those of you who have been champing at the bit to take classes this last year (you know who you are), and those of you who have given up thinking you would be able to study with me (you know who YOU are), LET'S GO!

This year we'll be opening our minds and hands to papers and techniques beyond magazines and cutting and pasting (yea, we'll still do that, but MUCH MORE). Just glancing at this upcoming new year, we see some of the following techniques and projects: altering papers with burning, layering and stamping; making our own stamps; making a palette of favorite colors and color combinations; working with gesso (white, black and clear) and resists; and making handmade papers of all sorts. We'll discuss end-of-month workshop projects during class, so the workshops can use our new skills and further us along our individual creative paths.

Please see my "2013 teaching schedule" for information you will need to participate. 

My hardiest wishes for a creative and productive new year!