Workshops (home studio OR out-of-studio location)

This is a listing of workshops I have done and can do upon request, either in my own home studio (minimum 4, maximum 6 in home) or at your location (6-10 outside my studio). For out-of-studio workshop fees, add an additional one-time $25 charge.

Prayer Journal Workshop
Make a handmade journal to have when you enter your prayer closet to record your own personal prayers, found prayers, dialogs with God, or details of your own spiritual journey. We'll collage front and back covers with recycled magazine images and handmade or found papers to create a heart-to-art image that reflects your own personal inner landscape. We will select papers, punch holes, and bind journal with spiral binder.
4 hr workshop, $35/person
all materials for personal journal included

Dream Home Workshop
Cut out and collage a home shape of your design with front door (creating an imaginative living space) or a back door (creating a garden space) beneath the open door. We'll use recycled magazine images, photos, found objects and embellishments, handmade or found papers to collage all parts of the house and door. Then we'll seal the house with gel matt medium. The door has hinges and can have a key or other object to use as a knob with which to open and close the door. Handmade “pockets” can store your dreams, hopes, wishes and prayers until they ripen and enter your life.
6 hrs on 2 dates (workshop can be adjusted to your needs) $90/person
all materials included

You've Got Mail! Workshop
With cold technological communication making it easier to keep in touch, the art of the handwritten note is being sorely missed by one generation and completely lost by another. So we'll collage some one-of-a-kind postcards with recycled magazines images, found and handmade papers, paper punched shapes, and some of our favorite or handmade stamps to send to friends and family. We'll keep the size and thickness of the postcard legal, and start a new craze in staying in touch...snail mail!
2 hr onsite group workshop, $80/group
(retirement communities, private parties, etc)
all materials plus 6 US Mail postcard stamps included

Beginning Mono-Printing Workshop
Add your own signature element to your collage by creating one-of-a-kind papers to use in your art projects. I'll furnish the flat-pan gelatin plate for each of us, as well as the paints, mark making tools, and papers for creating and pulling monoprints off several kinds of foundations beside the homemade gelli block: glass, freezer paper, plexiglass. This is a messy and most fun process, and can be altered several ways to provide different results every time. We'll string up drying lines, and we'll use some of our day's production for a simple end-of-day project. I have aprons for everyone, but dress comfortably in painter's garb! 
4 hr workshop, $75/person
all materials included