Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monoprints and their ghosts - March Workshop

We'll spend the our Saturday Workshop this month on the 3rd Saturday, March 16, creating and pulling monoprints off several kinds of foundations: glass, freezer paper, homemade gelli blocks. This is a messy and most fun process, and can be altered several ways to provide different results every time. We'll string up drying lines, and we'll use some of our day's production for a simple end project. I have aprons for everyone, but dress comfortably in painter's garb!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

March classes 5, 12, 19

March day classes are on Tuesdays this month!

This month's class will focus on altering found, handmade and commercially designed papers to use in our collages along with the magazine images we so dearly love. We'll use gesso, gels, paints and inks with things found around the studio to make marks and lay down layers of color and texture to use in future collage projects. The classes always begin with a timed collage...some time to gather, then timed to keep the fingers moving with as little interference from the critical mind as possible. The classes close with sharing our work, either from the class or from home. Hope to see you there! As shown in the "schedule of classes" on the right side, we begin at 9:45 and end at noon.