Friday, November 18, 2011

Art outside the box

We are blessed to have the internet and so many artists who are willing to share ideas with us, such as how-to's and ways-to-recycle-these-and-those. And we are cursed with this same vast network of resources as well, as I discovered after developing an idea for a new and unexplored focus on collage yesterday. I even took notes: what are the parameters of this focus, how can I share this idea in a new class next year here at Studio 745, what is the best way to present the finished collages. It seemed to me to be art outside the box.

Then, for some unknown reason, I googled the name I had given the collage focus: haiku collage. And yep, it's been done. The name is there. And yes, perhaps everything we can think of has already been 'thunk of'. So now the project grows a bit: how to think outside the box someone has already been drawing inside of.

I'm both sorry I looked at what others have called haiku collage, and encouraged by it. The development of  haiku collages I have in mind differs somewhat from what the two or three other people online have done. But it's more difficult to not think of the color green after someone has said the word than to "think up" what the color green just might look like. I won't look again at their versions of haiku collages. It was somehow the opposite of "inspirational" for me.

Wishing you inspiration and realization in your art.